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Kirk grew up in Escondido, CA surrounded by the beauty of orange and avocado groves. He currently lives in Indio Hills, CA, at Two Mountain Studios, and manages an electrical supply distribution location. During a visit to Sedona, AZ, Kirk saw his first copper wire tree and was inspired to experiment with wire he had collected over the years. He discovered methods for stripping and untwisting then anchoring wire to rocks. He began creating intricate twisted trees; no two alike and each having its own distinctive character. One of his first trees, named "Survivor", was dedicated to the 2013 San Jacinto Mountain Fire. "Survivor" became an award-winning sculpture at the March, 2014 Art Alliance of Idyllwild judged event. Currently, he is working on "Family Trees" where 2 or more trees are rooted in one rock, each representing a member of a family.

Several of Kirk's creations have been given to people in need. For example, one was given to a friend who had lost a loved one, three others to friends battling cancer, and another to help raise funds in support of artists and art education near his home. What do Kirk's friends and family say about his trees? Of course, Kirk's trees are "healing" trees.

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"Wizard Tree" in 
​memory of Scott

"Kim's Remembrance​ Tree"

One-of-a-kind HAND TWISTED COPPER WIRE TREE Sculptures

Attention to Detail Comes First

Each tree is crafted by hand of 100% copper wire twisted to perfection and "rooted" to carefully selected rock. Copper will gracefully darken over time. For indoor and outdoor use. A treasure for your home or a perfect gift for any occasion.


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